We are a collection of 1500 hand crafted pixel NFTs on the metaverse.

Holding Buck Buck NFTs grants you access to our exclusive crypto token & NFT research software that shows you what whale wallets are buying and selling!

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How Buck Buck NFTs Will help NFT Traders Make More Profits

Meet Teo Vanyo, NFT Trader & Vanyosoft Co-Founder

As an NFT trader who has made insane flips from turning $5,000 into over $150,000+ in NFTs on some projects, I had thought that I figured it out. Researching NFTs became an art and finding the right NFTs to mint with the right community was KEY to making my NFT flipping journey a success.

My problem was that I was doing all of the research myself MANUALLY. It was tiresome, took a majority of my day to finding the right NFTs that people were buying as well as it became a FULL TIME J.O.B.

I finally realized that my successes came from finding / minting and buying NFTs that other successful NFT traders were doing in the marketplace!  The best NFTs I found and flipped were from those who were ALREADY successful traders and those that made the best moves.

So this I followed them by using etherscan and apps like Zerion to track their wallet movements … .

The problem still persisted that it was still a FULL TIME J.O.B. to open up the wallets and see what everyone was buying manually ONE … BY …. ONE … .

This is where the birth of Vanyosoft came in place and where things started to make sense!

What if I could accumulate all of the top wallets and the best NFT traders all in ONE place for me to be able to track all of them and their movements all at once.

This way … I could see EVERYTHING that they’re buying and selling all in one dashboard!

VOILA … This saved me literally over 12 hours a day researching their wallet movements and allowed me to see exactly the new NFTs they were minting and buying off of Opensea!

I can now spend 5-10 minutes a day vs. 12 hours a day opening up Zerion and Etherscan to track their wallet movements.

Buck Buck Holders Gain Access To Vanyosoft As A Utility

Most NFTs make BIG promises but fail to deliver a quality product if even any …
We’ve spent the many MONTHS and over 3,500+ accumulated hours to working on making this project a success and by delivering a product before we’ve even launched our NFTs.

As a Buck Buck NFT holder, you will gain access to an ALREADY BUILT software that’s going to help you become a better NFT and crypto token trader. Watch our demo video to see exactly what we’ve built to helping you succeed this year in NFT trading! 

There’s NOTHING like it out there … We know because we’ve searched and decided to build this utility for ourselves and for our community!

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Buck Buck NFT Member's Training

As a Buck Buck NFT holder, we’re adding even MORE value by providing you access to our exclusive training area where you can watch over 30+ hours of NFT / Crypto trading tutorials from Teo Vanyo himself!

You will be able to see how he’s flipped $5,000 into $150,000 …

You will be able to see how he’s made $145k from a $2,800 investment ….

You will be able to watch LIVE every Wednesday at 12pm EST the secrets and strategies to going from newbie to crypto rockstar

What Our
Members Are


Buck Buck NFT Holders Gain So Much More Than Just Holding A JPEG

Learn How To Be Profitable With NFTs

Did you know that most NFT holders are not informed about the space and just buy NFTs because someone told them it’s going to moon?  There are many factors to making an NFT successful and as a Buck Buck NFT holder you’re going to join a community of like minded top traders that can help you succeed!

Buck Buck Roadmap


Building The Coop

With any great community comes great marketing. We understand that all communities are built with a solid foundation of culture and meaning. Buck Bucks was created out of a problem that arose in the NFT community. Most NFT traders are uneducated in how to trade and make a profit in this space.

We’ve built a community surrounded by helping beginner, intermediate and advanced NFT traders become even BETTER traders by the use of our exclusively built software. As with most NFTs that we’ve seen in the marketplace there are no utility until maybe months or if any at all. We’ve strived to building our utility out first before even launching our very first mint. We’ve spent our time and money in building out the software to gain trust within our community that we already have product to deliver.


Software Modifications Through Community Input

We will be adding modifications to our software as time goes on such as

Charting & Quick Dashboards

Detailed Wallet Analytics

Adding Multiple Chains (AVAX, CRO, BINANCE, SOL)

Even More Detailed NFT Information

Rug-pull Awareness Modules

Complete Learning Environment

Call Spaces Integrated

We will be improving our software with new features requested by our NFT and crypto traders. As a holder, we will be holding regular suggestions to improving the software for your usage.

Development Of Buck Buck 2D

We will be upgrading from our Buck Buck pixelated NFTs by launching our 2D version (similar art to BAYC). Buck Buck Pixel holders will be automatically whitelisted for our next launch of our 2D version NFTs. These NFTs will be used to build utility into our next plans which would be our $BUCKS token. Utilizing our NFTs you will be able to stake to earn $BUCKS tokens (More to be announced).

$BUCKS Token

With Our $BUCKS token, we plan on creating a launchpad for other NFTs to launch from. Using our $BUCKS token, holders will be able to purchase various services to market and shill their NFT projects to the masses.

 Various services you can pay for using the $BUCKS token

NFT Marketing Services

NFT Shilling on Twitter

NFT Shilling on Discord

NFT Customer Support

NFT Graphic Designs

NFT Art Development

Various Admin Tasks

Business Support Services

Website Development

Virtual Assistant

Video Editing

Discord Management

And much more!

Buck Buck owners come from a business background having run multiple 7 & 8 figure businesses. Ownership within our community gains you access to the knowledge, experience and camaraderie to this network. Our Buck Buck tokens will enable you to utilize these services to help you build your own NFT community much faster and quicker than ever before.




BuckBuck Chicken Wing


1 BuckBuck NFT Holding
  • View Top NFT Projects Transacted
  • View Top NFT Wallets Transactions
  • Detailed NFT Project Analytics
  • NFT Project Information & Socials
  • Discord Community Access
  • Vanyo Academy Portal Access
  • Weekly How To Training
  • Bonus Airdrops Whitelists & More!

BuckBuck Chicken Breast


3 BuckBuck NFT Holdings
  • All Chicken Wing Features
  • View Top Crypto Projects Transacted
  • View Top Crypto Wallets Transactions
  • View Top Moved Tokens (Across Network)
  • View Top Wallets Holdings Across Network
  • Get Individual Wallet Analytics
  • Integrated DAPs For Easy Research

We are a collection of over 1500 hand crafted pixel NFTs on the meta verse.

Our Team

Team of Designers and Developers


Teo Vanyo - Co Founder / Marketing and Strategy


Ricky Mataka - Co Founder / Lead Dev


Community and Operations Lead


Director of Operations


Dev Coordinator

@ DarChris

Senior Operations Manager


Junior Operations Manager


Social Media Manager


Social Media Manager and Moderator


Social Media Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

We plan on launching May 1st at 5pm EST.

Minting starts at .05 ETH for Whitelisted members on May 1st-3rd and .1 ETH for the public May 4th.

The software works by helping you identify which NFTs top whale wallets are buying and selling today. You will be able to see movements updated daily with new NFTs that top NFT traders are minting.

This allows you to get in on the action on new NFTs to potentially make big profits in the future as the NFTs appreciate in value.

Normally to get this data, you would have to scour the web for interesting wallets to follow, add them onto an app like Zerion and search through Etherscan to see if those NFTs were airdropped or actually purchased by the wallet holder.

Our software was originally built for NFT traders like Teo Vanyo to look into accumulated top wallet’s movements to trade more profitably with NFT intel on every top wallet movement.

We accumulate top wallets for an easy to see “all in one” dashboard to see what NFT whales are minting.

Other software don’t do this – you will still have to do the manual work of inputting each and every single top wallet into a software to see their movements. You will then have to still scour through etherscan to ensure that those NFTs are not “airdropped” meaning that they didn’t really buy those NFTs. This is very deceiving because you may be thinking that you’re buying into an NFT that is HOT, while as they were just scams.

Yes! The scam NFTs are the ones airdropped randomly to top wallets that other NFT traders are watching. This was a big problem because NFT buyers will end up buying scam NFTs just because they saw a whale “bought” those NFTs.

While in fact, those NFTs were just airdropped. We avoid this by showing the actual dollar $$$ amount data to show you which NFTs traders actually purchased and which NFTs were just “scam airdropped”.

Trading NFTs is a skillset and if you don’t have that skillset, why not find that information from other NFT traders who are already skilled in finding & buying the right NFTs?

Did you know that 99% of NFTs don’t sell and end up failing? The marketplace for NFTs is going to get worse and worse as more newbie NFTs are coming out on a daily basis!

Which ones end up doing well and which ones are you going to lose money on?

Most NFT traders when they first start their journey end up LOSING money because they bought the WRONG NFTs.

This software will show you which NFTs top experienced traders are buying so that you can lessen the risk of error.